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Cleaning a sump pit, fourth times the charm?

A couple months back we noticed a bad smell in the basement primarily around the sump area. After lifting the lid you can see this layer/mat of what I can only suspect is some kind of bacterial growth. If you disturb it or the pump runs it releases a smell so awful I had to use a full face respirator to be near it.

As it turns out the drain line from the kitchen was broken and seeping into the ground rather than into the proper drain. That broken line was less than 15ft from the pit. The plumbers that came out and replaced it for us mentioned the water from the kitchen has most likely been finding its way into the sump and thats where its coming from. They had no suggestion on additional ways of cleaning this thing or stopping the smell.

I've hand cleaned it three times now, first was with a 1cup of bleach to 1gallon water mixture but within four hours the growth mat had fully grown over the top of the water layer. The next two cleanings were with 2cup and then 4cup bleach to water mixtures. Walls, pump, tubes all cleaned. It just grows right back.

I'm not sure where to go from here. It's back again and its quite bad.

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