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HELP!? Quick drying marine varnish

I have just boat a very small GRP boat, there is wood slat decking as well as a wood front to the cabin which has a door, probably about 65sqrft of total varnish-able area.

I am looking for a varnish that I will be able to finish applying over the weekend. Google has been telling me I need to apply 4-6 layers of varnish, and the majority of varnish’s I’m finding require overnight drying time.

I have found one varnish called “Totalboat Lust Matte Finish Marine Varnish” which is a polyurethane and linseed oil mix. This can be overcoated every hour, this is incredibly fast compared to other varnishes I’ve found. Unfortunately this is really hard to get a hold of in the UK.

Does anyone know any quick drying varnishes available in the UK? Also does anyone have any better ideas of how many coats I should be applying. The wood be exposed to the weather and spray, but will not be on the exterior of the boat or below the water level.

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