Is grout in a shower an acceptable water barrier? via /r/DIY


Is grout in a shower an acceptable water barrier?

I retiled a shower and built in two wall cubbies. I was told when I built them that I should use a silicone caulk over the grout in the wall cubbies to ensure water doesn't penetrate into the walls.

I'm having a really miserable time caulking these cubbies. There are so many small, difficult angles and I'm finding the silicone caulk extremely difficult to put on without looking terrible. This got me thinking – do I even need caulk in these things if they're well grouted? I have grout in every visible seam and they were all sealed as well. They were covered in multiple layers of red guard before I tiled them. I also have the cubbies properly sloped and they don't retain any more water than what the rest of the shower experiences. I did caulk along the base of the tile where it meets the tub. Can I get away with just the grout in the rest of the shower?

Submitted May 19, 2021 at 03:16PM by kubyx
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