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Question on Hanging Ceiling Drywall

I'll start by describing the room I'm trying to hang drywall in. I have a square room with a slanted ceiling (height of 11 feet on the East wall, 8 feet on the west wall). My ceiling also has a big support beam right in the middle of it (running North to South). I have a big window on the south wall.

My question is: which way should I hang my drywall? My ceiling joists run from East to West but the existing strapping runs perpendicular to that. On the one hand, if I hang the drywall parallel to the joists, I could avoid butt joints (the beams splits the room so that I can hang just one sheet's length from the wall to the beam on either side). I have heard however that you want seams running parallel to sunlight, which this would not allow for. Not sure what the rule of thumb is for hanging perpendicular/parallel to the strapping, but curious if anyone more experienced in the area has any pointers. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Submitted May 19, 2021 at 03:31PM by Fishbonewilliams
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