I have an idea for an electric fly trap I want to make but need some input on how to do this via /r/DIY


I have an idea for an electric fly trap I want to make but need some input on how to do this

So I've been dealing with a nightmare of a gnat (drain fly) infestation for the past 2 months that my apartment and their joke of a pest control company hasn't been able to eliminate – I've been fighting them so far with yellow sticky traps, bottle / cup with funnel traps, and killing them constantly with my hands, a bug-a-salt gun, and an electric fly swatter. These all work, but I want something that can kill more of them around the clock with less upkeep to try to get this somewhat under control.

I had the idea at one point to just tape the button down on the electric fly swatter and set it so the racket is covering the top of a bowl, which I poured bait (red wine vinegar and sugar) into. This got a lot of kills, but I found that the batteries weren't lasting more than a day, turning it into a food source, and some of them were managing to get in by crawling between the bowl and the racket.

So my idea is basically to take the same concept, but make it into it's own trap, powered by an outlet so I'm not constantly wasting batteries, and with a tighter seal over the bait chamber. I actually have a 3D printer, soldering kit, power adapters, wiring and other stuff I could use to make it; Sadly it doesn't seem like anyone else has attempted to make anything like this, or at least I'm not finding any videos, articles, or STL files of people attempting it, and my electronics knowledge is a bit basic.

Would it be hard to electrify some steel mesh stably? I'd have all electronics enclosed in the 3D printed trap box, with a UV LED on the inside to attract them at night, and a space inside to set bait. Maybe the easiest way would be to just buy an extra electric fly swatter, then extract the mesh, grids, circuit board etc, attach a 5V PSU to the battery leads, and design the enclosure around that or something.

This might be a better question for an electronics subreddit, just wanted to see if you guys had any ideas first. Any suggestions towards this project idea, or other good solutions for the underlying problem, are appreciated

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