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Kitchen sink clogging again soon after plumber unclogged it – Weird behavior

My home was built in the 60's-70's. The pipes used to be clay, but years back ( I was still a child) we replaced them with plastic. Things were going fairly well. A couple of hiccups, because it's a kitchen sink and grease happens, but nothing a dose or two of drain cleaner couldn't fix.

Last time I got pretty busy with life and postponed unclogging it for a long time. So it got pretty bad. I used more doses of different drain cleaners, I removed the P-trap and all its surrounding pipes and they were clean. My next attempts were shoving a garden hose down there, it didn't work, it got stuck in a corner very early on (I will explain the layout in a sec) and using drain cleaners at that part of the pipes didn't work either. So I called a professional and he snaked it (is that the correct term? That spiral thing…) All was well for a couple of months.

A couple of days ago a weird behavior started: I turn the tap to the max and after 5-10 seconds the sinks starts filling up.. It gets up to like… 1cm and then it drains away on it's own, while the tap is still going, turned up all the way. Why does it do that? Could that be a hint on where the problem is? The layout is as is: After the P-trap, it goes straight in to the wall, it does a sharp left turn along the wall for like 3 meters or so, then it drops to the ground level for another 4 meters. The sink is an old marble one, the grate has very small holes, nothing larger than a grain of rice could pass through them. What could cause that behavior? Is there a chance the plumber didn't use the snake properly? Is there a possibility I would do a better job if I got one myself? I'm not very strong and my handiness skills are very limited.

Oh I also didn't know where to put it, right before writing this I used a dose of drain cleaner and obviously didn't help. (I wouldn't be writing this otherwise, duh!)

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