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Severe deck joist rot, can this be DIY fixed?

Help!, I don’t know what step to take.

I noticed some ‘punkiness’ in some of the seams where the joist tops are visible. So today I decide to expose one of these to see how bad, and it turns out quite bad!

It seems that over time water has infiltrated through the nail holes and have rotted the joists from the inside like a cavity. As you can see I can dig out all this compost-like soft wood, and this rot goes about 2-3 inches into the 2×8 joist. The outer ½ inch on either side of the rot is surprisingly intact. It’s like an ice cream sandwich.

I had no idea the rot would be this bad. I would say only 1 out of 20 ‘seams’ would have this type of punkiness, the others seem OK when poking from the top with screwdriver, but who knows what is under the surface.

A few questions.

1) Can this be DIY salvaged? I had originally planned to dig out the punk and fill with wood epoxy but I don’t know if that is a valid option, seeing how deep the rot goes. I’m slightly below average handy.

2) Assuming that the posts and footings are OK, can this be subjected to ‘major repair’ by professionals, where they replace the rotten joists and boards? Or would this be a complete ‘tear down and build new’ job?

3) In either case, any rough thoughts on how much I can expect to have to pay? The deck is quite large, roughly about 25 feet by 20 feet, with some irregular shapes.

4) For next time, how could this have been prevented? Deck joist tape? Caulk around nail holes?

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