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HVAC return booster for hot room

We're in a 1920's bungalow with a small second story of master bedroom, bath, and my office. At the top of the stairs you turn right to the bedroom or left for the office. The HVAC system is definitely sub-par; my office has 1 register and the whole upstairs shares a single return (at the top of the stairs). The bedroom is OK, but my office gets 10 or 15 degrees hotter than the other rooms. I seem to be able to improve it somewhat with a fan blowing either out the window or out of my office door (which is always open, since the return is on the other side of the door).

I've been googling for potential solutions. Dampers to direct more airflow upstairs seems simple enough, but I'm a little concerned that the issue has more to do with return. I'm pretty sure I could run duct from the return (at the top of the stairs) into my office, just about a foot away, but that got me thinking if I could install an in-line fan or something to improve flow through the return. Any experience with this, or general thoughts/caveats?

I know we'll need to get the overall HVAC system looked at – at this point I'm hoping to improve the situation through DIY, maybe spend less than a few hundred $. But also just generally looking for ideas.

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