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Leveling a slight floor height difference?

We bought a house and knocked down a non-load bearing 3/4 wall between the living room and kitchen. The living room had carpet which we pulled up. The kitchen has vinyl sheet flooring. Where the wall was there is now a slight lip between the two. It's clear that there is a difference in height between the two. Probably 5mm or less, but enough that I'm unsure we can lay LVP down and have a nice level flooring in the whole new room. How should I approach this? Use a self leveling floor compound? Pull up the vinyl sheet and just lay the flooring and not worry about the height difference? Will using an underlayment negate that difference. We're going to use Shaw Matrix flooring that's about 3mm thick and semi-rigid. Our current house we laid down cheap laminate because the floors were so unlevel and varying height being built in the 30's. You can see the spots that are higher and lower at the transitions and I want to avoid that as much as possible.

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