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Re-connecting circuits via the basement?

We just bought a tri-level house and are remodeling the living room and kitchen. It's vaulted ceilings in the two rooms. There was a 3/4 wall separating the living room from the kitchen. That wall housed outlets for the living room and the kitchen + 3 way light switches. I am planning on eliminating the 3 way switches now that its open by connecting the wires appropriately to make the switches basically 2 ways. So that's not a concern. The concern right now is it seems that basically the whole living room was powered from an outlet in the wall we tore down. Right now I have a pigtail along the exterior side wall that, I presume, feeds all the remaining outlets, ceiling fan, and front door exterior light. I am planning on taking that pigtail and running it through the sill plate into the basement directly below. The power supply wire is basically in the middle of the house. I plan on placing an outlet on the unfinished basement ceiling and then running a new run of wire from there over to the exterior wall where I can junction box into the pigtail I ran through the sill plate. Real question is do I need to drill holes through all the joists to support the new short run of wire or can I add a 2×2 runner and staple the new cable to that. It seems, per code, that you can't just staple the new wire joist to joist because that adds the risk of hanging things from it. Is running a 2×2 off the floor joists and stapling the new run acceptable to code?

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