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Bifold Door Replacement/Repair?

I live in a condo. I've had problems with the bifold closet doors throughout. Mainly due to the hardware float pins breaking every few months.

I can't find exact replacements. I've been buying these from SWISCO but the plastic part doesn't fit perfect in the door and it always shatters within a few months of use. Can't find a brand name or a number anywhere on the doors.

I want to replace them, but now I run into an issue that I have bottom-glide doors currently and a bottom track. The top track I can pull off easily enough, it's just wood screws holding it up. But the bottom track is screwed in by concrete screws inside the rail, and there's no feature to grab onto.


Q1: Is there any better source of Bifold door hardware? This happens to the top "float" pin every few months. Would love to find an exact HW match because maybe that will stop the issues.

Q2: Do they even make bottom-glide doors anymore? If so, can I re-use the same track to avoid having to rip out the concrete screws in five closets?

Q3: Any clever way to remove the bottom track? Or am I going to have to angle-grind the exposed parts and then grind down to flush?

Submitted May 23, 2021 at 09:35AM by dante662
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