Finally solved the problem after 15 years- a GFCI warning tale. via /r/DIY


Finally solved the problem after 15 years- a GFCI warning tale.

I redid my garage fifteen years ago, putting in insulation, sheetrock, and adding recessed lighting and more outlets- all 20 amp GFCI.

It looked good and all worked, except for when I plugged my Genie garage door opener into my ceiling 20 amp GFCI outlet, put there just for that purpose The outlet would blip off, also knocking out the outlet downstream to it on the other garage wall.

Well, I was bummed because I took a lot of care with the wiring. But it was sheet-rocked in, so I just strung an extension cord across the ceiling from the Genie to another 20 amp GFCI, and Genie worked fine. So that was fifteen years ago.

Fast forward, I just decided to do some minor drywall repair in the garage, and thought I would tackle the ceiling outlet problem as well. I plugged the Genie into it and got the expected blip out. I took GFCI out, redid the connections, checked the voltages, then plugged the Genie back in, and still had a blip out.

Then I put in another GFCI, thinking this one was defective. The same thing happened- the circuit would shut down quickly. Then I went to the store and got a regular outlet for 99 cents. It was rated for 15 amps only but I was sure the Genie took much less power.

So I hooked it up and the Genie worked fine.

I am advancing not theories to explain it. I just hope this might help out another baffled Do-It-Yourselfer with a similar problem.

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