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What’s causing the fogginess in my epoxy top coat?

Pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/rA739zm

(This isn't blush, it's beneath the surface) I just "hot" coated the bottom of my board (Resin Research epoxy with Additive F) and I could tell in the first few minutes that it was going to have foggy patches. I had hoped they would go away as the epoxy cured, but they have not.

Prep Work:

Because the glassed layer had cured quite some time ago, I lightly sanded the entire surface with 220 grit to give it some tooth, vacuumed, cleaned with RO water, cleaned with lacquer thinner, whiped down with a tack cloth, and then proceeded to hot coat with a 4" chip brush.

Hot coating:

I dumped half the epoxy down the center line and divided up the remainder halfway between the rails and the center line. I used a few long strokes length-wise to plow the epoxy for coverage, and then tipped it off rail to rail. I don't think I over worked the epoxy at all — or it is super super sensitive.

Other factors that might be contributing:

  • I live by the ocean, so the humidity is close to 70% all the time.
  • Temperature today was around 70F
  • The fiberglass was set with a different type of epoxy (Total Boat, see below)

Similar story prior:

This had happened when I did the top of the board too. I was so unhappy with it that I ultimately sanded the hot coat AND fiberglass off of the top of the board, and started over with the top using Resin Research instead. The bottom though I had not hot-coated yet, so I left it as it was — assuming the error was in my top coat procedure, not the fiberglass layer. The epoxy used for the glassed layer on the bottom is Total Boat Epoxy. Here are the photos from when I hot coated the top of the board and had a similar problem (again, in that case, the hot coat was also Total Boat): https://imgur.com/a/hOOHxvv.

I have since re-glassed the top of the board with Resin Research, and was going to hot coat tomorrow, but now I'm just afraid it will turn out like it did before.

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