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marmoleum click floor

Hey DIY-

Wife and I own a 1920 craftsman bungalow. Kitchen currently has 70's or 80's linoleum, its so beat and gross, need to replace. Under it, is a particle board subfloor from that same era i'd imagine.

Under subfloor is the original wood floors, I think Alder from a wood guy told me. Rest of our house is all original wood, those look amazing….the dining room wood floors that butt up to the kitchen, have a riser, from when they did the linoleum/particle board floor whenever when.

I want to install this marmoleum click floor, 12×12 pieces, checker board style. I am under the impression I will rip out linoleum, and the subfloor particle board.

Question is-can I lay this marmoleum down right over the original wood floors? I am sure they are not precision level but, I think smooth enough for this marmoleum which i've read can comply with some unevenness?

If I can just lay it down right on top, will I need a vapor barrier? I dont think so? I mean hell, right now the wood floor on cool (So cal) nights, you can feel cool air coming up through the floor from the crawl space.

As usual, any help would be appreciated.

Submitted May 24, 2021 at 03:10PM by mountainducky
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