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Trouble figuring out wall outlet installation

I am trying to replaced some old wall outlets in my house that could no longer support the weight of plug ins, etc.

I did a good bit of research, and I’ve watched the process done on YouTube enough to feel comfortable trying.

When I went to Home Depot, I decided to splurge for the Leviton heavy duty outlet. I was tempted to buy the $1 or $2 options, but I chose the $5 option in the hopes of it lasting longer and being safer.

I think I just ended up with the more complex option. Seems like this model allows for side wire and back wire installation. Because all of the videos I watched did side wire installation, I want to do that.

However, the screws have an extra pressure plate for those that want to do back wire.

I have googled this question and watched video after video, but I can’t find the info on what I should do with these plates. Should I remove them entirely? Should I just put my shepherds hook around the screw and ignore that they’re there? If so, do I put the hook under the pressure plate or over the pressure plate prior to tightening the screw?

I hope I am describing this well. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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