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Waterproofing a floating bathroom floor

With a floating floor system, like vinyl plank, how do you properly waterproof the bathroom floor?

We have a hall bath that we are earmarking for an overhaul later this year. We recently redid one of the kid's bedrooms using premium vinyl plank, and were really happy with both the install and end result. We're thinking of using a similar product with a tile appearance in this bathroom. The bathroom has evidence of water damage in the walls and subfloor, so I'm assuming there isn't currently much in the way of sealing the line where the subfloor and wall meet, much less any waterproofing along the existing baseboard and wall joint.

My Google skills haven't come up with much outside of how to waterproof tile or sheet vinyl flooring. Lots of videos showing installing vinyl plank in bathrooms, but nothing regarding waterproofing other than around toilet flanges or tub edges. I found one video where it looks like I can see a bead of silicone where the sill and subfloor meet, but it's not referenced in the video and I don't see how that would keep water away from the drywall edge or from getting under the floor.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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