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Garage Door Torsion Spring Help

Garage Door Specs

Drums: D400-96-21B

Weight of Door: 267 lbs

Door size: 7’ x 16'

Before I start, I know the risk involved when it comes to working with torsion springs on a garage door. I've replaced my springs last year so I know how to do it but I also know the risk. The springs I have on right now are springs I ordered online and replaced myself after the original ones broke.

The springs I currently have on are .25" wires, 2" Inside Diameter, 29 1/2" length. The door still feels too heavy, I figured it worked so we kind of just dealt with it for a year. But I think it's time I replace them since the garage door slamming is driving me crazy, along with me being worried that it will damage the garage door opener along with the door.

I contacted the original manufacturer of the door and they told me that the correct size spring for my door is supposed to be .234" x 2" x 25". This is weird to me, because they're pretty much saying I should be going down in size, which to me is kind of counterintuitive. Then I contacted another source and they told me a similar spring size as the manufacturer did. Then 2 other sources I contacted told me I should go larger with a pair of .243 x 2" x 30 1/2" .

Which is correct? I can do the job myself, just having a hard time getting the right size. It's hard to go against manufacturer suggestions but it just doesn't make sense to me to go smaller. Sorry, I just don't want to install the wrong size and have to take it off and replace it again.


Garage door feels too heavy, so I'm replacing torsion spring, currently have on a pair of 29.5 " in length spring. Contacted 4 different merchants for proper size needed according to current door specs. Two of the sources(including door manufacturer), suggested 25" in length, this is a drastic change from 29.5". And two of the other sources suggested a 31.5" in length . It makes more sense to go larger in length right? This would be going against manufacturer recommendations.

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