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How to fit a curtain pole to plasterboard cavity walls?

I am attempting to fit curtain poles over the windows in my new home. I measured up the holes for the brackets and started drilling. The wall is made of, I think, plasterboard and is about 1-2cm thick before I drill through to nothing. There must be masonry eventually, but the drill bit doesn't reach it, as far as I can tell.

While there are three brackets, which take two screws each, I am worried that plasterboard is not going to be strong enough to hold it up, especially as I'm getting heavy curtains (about 7kg, plus the pole). I've put in wall plugs, but I'm not convinced they'll make a difference as there's not much for them to grip to.

I've searched around online and some people say to mount a strip of wood to the wall and to then drill in to that, which distributes the weight better. I'd rather not do this as I have limited DIY skills; I also think it wouldn't look great and would bring the curtains too far forward. Others suggest special wall plugs with retracting wings, that presumably pop out once they've been pushed in deep enough. Would they work? (What are they called, in UK English?) Any other suggestions would be most helpful.

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