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A question about replacing gravel driveway

We are in the process of replacing the gravel on our driveway, with chippings. The current gravel is small and smooth, and ends up everywhere but on the driveway, so we're looking to get rid of it and replace it with larger chippings, in the hope that it won't move around as much.

My plan was to get rid of the gravel, top up and compact the sub-base, then lay the chippings on top. However, in the process of removing the gravel, I've uncovered some of the old weed fabric. What is best to do now; continue with the original plan, making sure that the old weed barrier is covered in fresh sub-base or replace all the weed fabric and lay a fresh layer of sub-base on top?

Submitted May 27, 2021 at 04:48PM by shabby_ranks
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