Air source heat pump idea in internal mechanical room idea 🤪 via /r/DIY


Air source heat pump idea in internal mechanical room idea 🤪

Bear with me ..

We have just completed a new house build where we have a central mechanical in the centre of the house. It houses HRV, overflow electrical hot water storage tank and an on demand navien boiler. House is 4,000ft and it's pretty air tight. We are moving in next week.

The future plan was to install home server rack/av in the same room. It's pretty large 10 x 12 so we have space. What I've noticed is, with the doors shut it get's pretty warm in there and was thinking of a solution. I've looked at heat pumps in the past one of which sits on top of a storage tank. We didn't go that route. But I'm wondering could we get a small independant unit that would effectively suck the hot air out of the room.

I realise the temp will drop etc (which is desired), but could it be configured so it only comes on when the temp is > 16C for example. Somehow I assume the heat the unit produces could feed into the small 10 gallon storage tank.

Is this a crazy idea ?!

Submitted May 27, 2021 at 10:03AM by pookieman123
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