Fixing a loose door handle. via /r/DIY


Fixing a loose door handle.

Many closets in my home have the door handles pictured in the link above that are single-sided and are attached to the doors with 2 Philips head screws only.

One of them was loose. And by loose I don’t mean the screws or the base of the handle were loose. The base is firmly attached to the door. I mean the handle itself is loose in the base.

I thought this would be trivial to fix as I assumed the handle must attach to the base with a screw that was loose. So I removed the handle expecting to see a screw to tighten the two pieces together. But instead, the handle is hollow and there’s no obvious way to tighten it.

I’m at a loss. Could use some DIY help.

Submitted May 26, 2021 at 07:51PM by lightsd
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