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Help rescuing my parents’ wall growth chart

My parents just sold their house after living in it for 30 years. On a wall near a corner in the kitchen, they started recording our heights in pencil/pen when we first moved in. Since then, it’s sort of become a right of passage for our friends and family over the years to have their height recorded on the wall. Some people wrote their name next the their line in their own handwriting. A few of my childhood friends on that wall have since passed away. There must be 40 or 50 recordings on there.

I would love to somehow immortalize the chart with its original handwriting. My first and most ideal thought is to simply cut the piece out, repair it, and move the piece to the new house. My only hesitation with this is if I can’t get it in one piece. It is near an outward facing corner so I’d be worried that we wouldn’t be able to cut it all out.

My second thought would be to use butcher paper to try and trace the original handwriting and somehow immortalize that on a piece of wood or fabric. Could also try and take a high quality photo.

My parents are about to have a bunch of grandkids, so the idea would be for them to continue to add to it in their new home.

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