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Low hanging joist (Retrofit – Garage Close-In)

So I've looked around and can't find much information on my situation. I'm closing in a ~14 foot garage. The garage is concrete and has a slight slope. At one end I'm at ~4.75" and at the other I'm around 7". I'm using 2×6, so I need a support system. I didn't run a middle beam as I figured I would just support it in the middle along the way. Problem I didn't think was that it is a very small gap to add support.

What I've tried was to take a concrete form cut it so it is shorter than the subfloor. I then notch out 1.5" on each side and set it in the middle of my joist. Than add concrete. This worked where there was a larger gap and the concrete worked itself under it. On the smaller gaps i just have to unconnected semi circulars.

The other thing I tried was on the cross members to set them on the concrete floor itself. And then tie them in.

Any other solutions or better options? I'd prefer not to have them on the concrete even though there is a moisture barrier under the concrete.

Thanks for taking time to read this.

Tl;dr Subfloor joist are too close to add brick support.

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