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LVT over Trenched Access Panels – Help Needed

I am working on a project that entails replacing some old carpeting with LVT. While ripping out the carpeting, we found that the majority of the subfloor is concrete but there are a few areas that have trenches (used for building wiring & electrical) that are covered with metal access panels. The metal access panels are pretty well flush with the concrete subfloor. Upon discovering the metal access panels, we were a bit hesitant to continue with the LVT. Our initial research brought us to the conclusion that we should be OK to proceed if we were to lay down some membrane underlayment prior to the installation of the LVT. We ended up gluing the LVT to areas over the metal access panels believing that this would provide enough firmness to prevent issues. After initial instillation, it is evident that the metal access panels still have a slight give that causes enough movement to pop the LVT up from various spot around the access panels. Short of cementing in the trenches or laying a new subfloor, we are coming up short on ideas and are considering pulling the LVT out and simply replacing with carpet. Any suggestions?

Submitted May 26, 2021 at 02:39PM by bigdaddymke
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