Not really sure how to look for this via /r/DIY


Not really sure how to look for this

Backstory, I'm building a small shed/workshop and have been really looking to make the most use of space. An idea I have is to make use of the space between the studs and to have essentially a cabinet door that would rotate so I can have tools on both sides but the door rests in it's original position. Two ideas I've thought of:

  1. A system where one side of the door is on a track system but rotates on something like a ball bearing as it slides over

  2. Two arms mounted center of door (top and bottom of door) that pivot out enough to allow door to rotate fully 180 to expose either side.

I should mention, I'm looking for something easily reproducible with parts that are easy to acquire should I need to make more of it ( I don't want to have to special order if I can help it)

I'm typically pretty good at searching the web for similar projects to get an idea of things, but this one has stumped me for the longest. Anyone know of anything similar to this or does it have a particular name I'm missing. Any help would be appreciated to put me in the right direction

(As I typed this, the second idea had just came to mind and seems like a good idea)

Submitted May 26, 2021 at 11:21PM by Shankles_Mcnasty
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