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Problem installing smart switch


I tried to install a smart switch in my home. The smart switch is a double gang switch that replaced a normal double gang switch. One switch turns on the lights, one turns on the fan, and there are no other switches that control the said fan and lights.

Basically, once I installed it, the entire room had no power, except one of the switches (which I can tell because the wifi indicator on the switch turns on), but even so the switch itself does not turn on the light like it is supposed to. Not even the outlets throughout the room work. The other switch does not even have the wifi indicator lit.

In addition to all this, the rest of the room, such as the outlets, do not work.

Some other pertinent info:

  • I turned off the breaker to the room when installing, and turned it back on. I don't think the breaker tripped, especially because one of the switches has the wifi indicator on, and when I turn off the switch in the breaker, the indicator turns back off, and turns back on when I flip it back on.
  • There are four wires that come out of the middle of the switch box, and 6 wires that come out of the right.
    • On the left, it appears to be two loads, at least that is how it was attached to the old switches. However, one of the loads is red, and the other is black. In addition to the two loads, it appears there is a brass (I'm guessing ground) and white (I'm guessing neutral)
    • On the right, there are six wires. There are two, basing off of how it was connected to the old switch, live wires. There are also two brass wires (I'm guessing ground) and two white wires (guessing neutrals).
  • Home is built in 2001, living in the US, pretty standard stuff.

Submitted May 27, 2021 at 01:33PM by aaaimaeas
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