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Small wall repairs

Few years ago, I wanna paint my bedroom. In the middle of cleaning, I take off the trim board and it ripped the drywall.

I went to Home Depot and they said, "use Drydex spackle" (pink turned to white when ready).

Bought it, went home. put on torn drywall and filled holes. sanded down, and painted.

Fast foward to today. Took down pegboards, oh no, nasty big holes on walls. Also took down a shelf, dang it, torned my drywall.

Before any repair work, I went to my bedroom and inspected my walls. Noticed bubbles on torn drywall and can tell where my holes were too… no bueno!

After days of researching, I've come to a conclusion:

  1. torned drywall must be sealed first before applying mud.
  2. when putting mud, don't sand aggressively, let it feather out.
  3. prime the wall before painting

Looking back, step 1 was not done. Must do that.

Question: why was I able to tell where my holes were? Is it because of Drydex? my poor sanding skills? what is it?

I do not wanna go to Home Depot to buy a bag of mix just to do a small repair, which is why I resorted to drydex.

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