Can I put a window insert on a solid wood door? via /r/DIY


Can I put a window insert on a solid wood door?

I have an old house (built in 1925) and I'm pretty sure I still have the orginal wood door, it may be a newer door but definitely solid wood. I wanted to add a window to the door so I started looking at inserts but every insert I find says they are for fiber glass or metal doors. I did some googling to see if they are acceptable for wood doors too but the searched only turn up interior hollow door information not for exterior solid doors. Or they are very indepth tutorials for how to add a window from just panes not an insert.

So my question is can I put one of those door inserts on my old wooden front door? Is there anything I should be weary of before doing this?

Types of inserts I'm looking at are from zabitat if that matters. (Home Depot also had some with similar warnings)

Submitted May 28, 2021 at 08:26AM by rudetilidie
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