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Do I need a centre post sunk in ground for 9-foot privacy fence?

We're planning on doing a simple cedar privacy fence for our hot tub that will have vertical 4×4 posts on either end, with horizontal 1×4 slats 9 feet in length between them. The 4×4 posts will be sat into ground spikes. The slats will begin around 3 feet off the ground (i.e. just below the top lip of the hot tub) and go up from there; we'll probably have about 7 slats in all. This is outdoor in our grass backyard, not on concrete.

Ideally, we'd like to leave it at that. But we're wondering: if we don't add another vertical 4×4 post or something at the midway point to attach the slats to for support, will that cause the slats to eventually bow or sag over time? For short fences of under 6 feet I know it'd be fine, but I'm wondering if for such a long stretch of 9 feet, do we need that middle support post?

If so, can we get away with just sitting the post on the ground (with some sort of cap underneath to protect it from the elements), or do we need to actually seat it in a ground spike footing like the other ones?

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