How deep do I need to sink a (nearly) non-load bearing post? via /r/DIY


How deep do I need to sink a (nearly) non-load bearing post?

Tried googling, but I am getting answers that are all over the place. (25% of the above ground height, 50% of the height, a "couple of feet if you use concrete", etc.) Most of which seem to be for things like fence posts or something similar that will have some things attached to it.

My wife wants to hang a lightweight string of lights around the backyard. One stretch will need a post to hang it on. The post will need to be roughly 9-10ft above ground. However, I am not sure how deep that post needs to go below ground in order to be stable. The big challenge is that 4x4s over 12 ft is kind of hard to find. I could go on the low end and do 3 ft below ground, 9 above, but I wonder if that is deep enough for it to remain stable.

Any tips?

edit: Florida, so no frost line.

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