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I read 2 layers of drywall under subfloor would help isolate noise

I live in Chicago and bought an investment property that was built in 1915. I have tenants on the first floor. The hardwood floor and subfloor (planks, not plywood) are old and squeaky. I'm planning on replacing it when the tenants decide to leave but no need while I am collecting rent.

I'm converting my basement into a rental unit. I've already gutted the basement and I'm in the rebuilding phase. In the basement of course I hear everything above, the squeaks and the dogs, as expected.

Referencing the image, I'll be adding 2 layers of drywall and bonding it with sound sealant (held up with cleats). Under that, an air gap and Safe 'n' Sound Wool insulation and resilient channels. All this is what I've gathered from my online research. But drywall under subfloor?

I'm not going to be replacing the subfloor above until a few years down the road. This is the reason why I'm not planning to add sound sealant between the subfloor and drywall. So that when I pull the subfloor, I don't compromise the drywall.

But now I'm debating if I should put something between the drywall and the current subfloor. Maybe acoustic flooring underlayment? Cut to the size of the drywall length and width. I'm not sure about this.

Thanks in advance for your advice and comments.

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