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19.2″ OC joists for composite decking?

I'm in the process of demoing a deck that was rotting out at my house. It's basically a ground level deck between a house and garage with ledgers on both with joists running in between. Then it has a bunch of deck blocks and weird other "supports" for the joists. I'll be upping the deck blocks and eliminating the cinder blocks stacked on each other. Many of the joists are junk, several are still very solid, and the ledgers are fine.

To my chagrin, after taking off the decking I found the joists were mostly about 38-40" apart. NO wonder you could fall through.

My plan is to use the existing joist hangers and about 2 of the joists, replace the rest of the joists and add an additional joist in between each one. The spacing doesn't seem identical but that basically gets me to OCs of about 19 inches give or take a half inch. From what I gather, 19.2 OC spacing is pretty common so perhaps this was meant to be …38.4?

Anyway, I plan on using Moistureshield vantage composite decking. Primarily for it's lack of slipperiness when wet (I'm in the PNW) and pricepoint.

They have two decking sizes 1×6 9 (actual 1 x 5.4) and 2×6 (1.4×5.4). Their guidelines say, for perpendicular joists, the 2×6 can go 24" and the 1×6 should be 16" OC. The difference in price between the amount of decking I need is about $1000.

I would like to save that money, I will probably be moving out and renting it in the near future, so a little bounce isn't going to bother me so long as it's safe and not excessive. That being said, I'm spending tons of time on my nights and weekends on this damn thing.

Am I going to be kicking myself later if I go with the 1×6? Is adding some diagonal 2×4 blocking in between going to help? If so, do I need to fasten the deck boards to that? Any other ideas to use the 1×6 short of adding two joists between each current joist, 13" OC plus lots more work and lumber at these prices.

I found some tech specs for the boards but it's way over my head.



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