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Anchoring to slab floor?

I have a gun safe I’d like to mount to my concrete slab floor (which has LVP on it, but I digress). I found concrete anchors at my local big-box home improvement center that day to use a 3/8” drill and go at it.

Do I need to drill pilot holes first? These anchors appear to be bolts that, instead of a head, have a flared end with a captive split collar. You tap them into the hole with a hammer, flared end first, then just tighten a nut on it. The tension on the bolt pulls the flare up, expanding the split collar to grip the sides of the hole.

I have the bit and the hammer drill, but:

I worry this might crack the slab – will it? Am I good if I limit the torque on the bolts?

Submitted May 29, 2021 at 09:03PM by DumbDogma
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