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Fix stripped window operator crank?

I have two windows that I can't open without pliers because the operator has stripped. I tracked down the part (Andersen Roto-Lock Short-Arm) but the cheapest ones I found are $244 each. I was thinking that I could attach something like this to each operator by some sort of cement(?) and then attach the handle to that, or even cement the handle on directly. Is this feasible (there's a huge amount of pressure on the crank) and what adhesive/approach should I take? Thanks guys!

PS: Is there any chance I could replace one with this? It's the same period/brand and the screws look to be in the same places and the arms are the right length, but this one levers instead of cranking. This description seems to indicate that mine (0333808) and this (033380899) are interchangeable, right?

Submitted May 30, 2021 at 10:16AM by rAlfredJones
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