Increasing value of home: sacrifice a bedroom for a bathroom and easy attic access? via /r/DIY


Increasing value of home: sacrifice a bedroom for a bathroom and easy attic access?

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tl:dr: is it of more value to have more bedrooms or add a bathroom/closet/attic access at the expensive of one of the bedrooms?

We just purchased a project house with the intentions of living in it for a few years while fixing it up, then selling it when we move cities. We are trying to think of strategies for increasing the home's value beyond the obvious of updating fixtures and appliances, new flooring, landscaping, etc. The current floor plan is: unfinished attic, three bedrooms on second floor (one of them is rather small) + 1 very small hall bathroom, kitchen/living area on first floor, partially finished basement. Our plan is to definitely finish the basement and add a nice big full bath down there (so it could be used as living area or bedroom), but my question to the community is if it would add more appraised value to the home and/or increase resale value if we were to sacrifice the smallest of the three bedrooms upstairs to put in a master bath, larger closet, and easy attic access (stairs, rather than the pull down ladder), which would allow us to potentially finish the attic. A finished attic would add enough room for a play room/storage area, but heating and cooling would be an issue up there, so the main advantage would be in having a second bathroom on the second floor. We are already re-wiring and re-plumbing parts of the house, so adding in a bathroom wouldn't be that big of a problem, at least as far as that is concerned.

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