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How can I keep my signpost upright?

My sign post is a shade over six feet long and made with a branch so it's round and not fully straight. It's about 2" in diameter at the base I've looked around and seen that I can dig a hole and add concrete, or and dig a hole and tamp with gravel and clay. We've been unearthing chunks of concrete around which has been super obnoxious, and I wanted to put this under a tree so the compacted earth may be a problem. For free standing ideas we've thought of it sunk in a bucket of concrete,(ugly) or coat rack feet with four boards off set surrounding the post (attaching to the round post may be difficult). Fiancee recommended the coat rack feet and then burying those. Any better ideas or ways to execute? It can get a little breezy and I would rather keep my signs intact! I'll try to link some pictures in the comments.

Submitted June 10, 2021 at 04:28PM by showmeyourbirds
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