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Need to cut 1/8″ off my granite counters

Just moved into a new house and need to replace all the appliances since their all from the 80's. Measured the counters and it's a 30" hole.

But after I bought a new stove and go to take the old one out. I realize that under the lip of the old stove the previous owners didn't cut back as deep. The first 1.5" from the edge was 30" but deeper inside is about 29 5/8".

I need the the whole to be atleast 29 7/8". So I need to cut 1/8 off each side. I've got experience using a grinder. But not a ton.

should I just hire someone to do it all pretty? Or would this be an okay project for someone used to doing DIY on a fairly regular occasion.

Pics of the counter :

Submitted June 09, 2021 at 07:33PM by Gryphon48
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