Can I build a storage shed out of scrap wood? via /r/DIY


Can I build a storage shed out of scrap wood?

So I bought some land. And I'm having a modular home put on it. But one of the immediate issues I have to tackle is storage. I have some tools/equipment. As well as just some regular storage bins with family stuff in it. And I need to find something to store all of this in. My wife wanted to get a pre-built shed on a payment plan.

But I'm worried about finances. And it has me wondering if I could maybe build my own storage shed out of scrap wood. Because I can get some short pieces of 2×3 from my job. We throw out/recycle a bunch of 2x3s and some of the guys take them home for various projects. They come to us in pieces either 3' or 4' long. I'm wondering if I bought a few regular 2x4s to do the corners/roof/floor. Could I use these 2x3s from my job as the extra bracing/support pieces and save half the lumber cost?

For example if I built a shed that was 8×8. And just used 2x4s in the corners, floor and roof. Could I use the 2x3s in between to connect it all and make my walls out of?

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