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Help removing light and dark stains in wood bowl

Hello! I purchased this wooden bowl while thrifting with the hopes of cleaning it up, sanding it and sealing it with some tung oil. I first attempted to sand with 80 grit paper and was having an impossible time removing the painted leaf design. I did some google searching and the next day picked up some Citristrip, steel wool and mineral spirits. All of the paint and lacquer (?) came right off.

The photos show how the bowl currently looks with the lacquer and paint removed – you can still see the outline of the leaves and there are several light/dark discolored areas.

Another google search and I discovered oxalic acid is helpful to bleach the wood but given that there are both dark and light stains I wasn’t sure if that would be the appropriate next step.

Thanks in advance !

Submitted June 10, 2021 at 07:24PM by jennytsew
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