Question: Minimal finish on a Butcher Block for a desk? via /r/DIY


Question: Minimal finish on a Butcher Block for a desk?

I am thinking of getting a 74" x 39" birch butcher block, finish it and put it on a standing desk frame that I can purchase online. Reason being, I am new to woodworking and I don't have the room nor the tools to actually build a desk from scratch.

I have some concerns about finishing the block. However, I have some constraints. I live in an apartment with only one window. The window is a sliding window to the ceiling and it opens up about 4' wide. However, there is negligible cross ventilation. I have an outside open patio but it can get pretty windy some days here and I don't really know what that will do to the finish. This can be somewhat predicted based on the forecasts.

Oil: After doing some research, I've learned not to use mineral oil to treat it because that'll make it oily and it's not something to do if it's being used for paper. What oil should I use? And how long should I treat it?

Sanding: I can do this outside on a sunny day.

Sealant: I do have to seal it with a protective coat. What's the minimal amount of finish/sealing I can do to not have too much off-gasing from the finish? Is Polyurethane the best thing to use?

Staining: I don't mind if it's not stained. Or should I use a gel stain? The cure time on those seem to be 30 days with drying time being 7-10 days.

Sheen: And should I put sheen on it? Or does it off-gas too much?

Can any of these products be purchased as a combination or a mix? Which one these can I eliminate? Can I just seal it and put a sheen on it and call it a day?

I am new to all this and any help is much appreciated.

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